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We offer consulting services to academic institutions and companies for most bioinformatics needs.  Researchers can expect efficient, quality work each time they reach out to us for help, and institutions can expect to save money and time.

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Our Solution to the Data Problem

Many great researchers are slowed down by the lack access to quality bioinformatics services or by the backlogging of their institution’s core facility.  

Our goal is to be the world’s core facility, expediting your and helping your data reach its fullest potential. 

For institutions who do not already have a bioinformatics core, this service saves you the time and money it takes to hire a skilled team.

For core facilities that are backlogged with internal (or external) requests: we are available to help with your overflow.

How It Works

We work with either individual researchers or with their institutions to provide bioinformatics consulting and analysis services as needed.  To learn more about these services, click here

While some standard analyses have flat rates, custom or exploratory work or consultancy is done by a tiered set of hourly rates that vary by the consultant. You only pay for what you use, and academic discounts are available.

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