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Many novel cell types have been discovered in recent years using single cell transcriptomics. Cell type discovery and profiling is just the beginning. The technologies can give unprecedented insights into disease biology, developmental lineages, and more.


Applications of Single Cell Transcriptomics










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The Bioinformatics CRO provides computational support to researchers who want to learn more from their data. Our team has ample experience with single cell transcriptomics, so you don’t have to wait for a trainee to learn analytical nuances.  

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  • Network Analysis

  • Next Generation Sequencing

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Exome Sequencing 

  • RNA-seq

  • ChIP-seq

  • and much more


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  1. You meet with an expert bioinformatician to determine the needs of your data in a free initial consultation.
  2. We assemble a team of world-class bioinformaticians with expertise in single cell transcriptomics to ensure you receive the best results possible.
  3. We analyze your data. Simple.

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