A Bioinformatics Contract Research Organization with a Genomics Focus

A Different Approach

The Bioinformatics CRO is a distributed contract research company that serves the computational biology needs of academics, startups, biotechs, and pharma companies alike. With practically limitless cloud computing capabilities we are capable of projects both large and small. We are not tied to legacy pipelines, which allows us to remain nimble and use state of the art methods. Think of us as a high quality global core facility. We guarantee and internally peer review our work.

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We work with you to develop a customized plan that best suits your needs. We offer project-based contract research, consulting, and a flexible “bioinformatics department for hire” service. We aim to please our clients and cultivate long-term win-win relationships.

Bridging the Gap

Research projects can be stalled for years due to a dearth of available bioinformatics expertise. Even worse, poorly executed analyses can result in incorrect conclusions and an immense subsequent misallocation of resources.

At the same time, many fully trained computational biologists leave science because of geographical restrictions or family obligations.

Cumulatively these inefficiencies result in an enormous waste of research dollars and human capital, and an irrecoverable loss of time.

The Bioinformatics CRO takes advantage of modern collaboration technologies and cloud computing to address these problems together, bridging the gap between those who need bioinformatics support and those qualified to provide it. (We’re hiring!)


Project-based contracts

We analyze data you generate or that is in the public domain. We are also developing an end-to-end genomics service for common use cases where you provide samples and we provide results.

Bioinformatics department for hire

Do you need occasional additional expert bioinformatics support but not enough to justify building out a group in-house? We offer retainer-based services to ensure we are available when you need it most.


We advise on experimental design, co-supervise scientists,  perform technical due diligence, and more. Do you need an additional analysis or two to get that paper over the finish line?

Special services

We are building a menu of proactive offerings of sophisticated genomic analyses including network analysis and single cell transcriptomics.

Testimonials About Our Bioinformaticians

Matthew Holt, PhD

Group Leader

VIB-KU Leuven

Grant Belgard has been actively contributing to our projects since 2014. Not only he is a first rate bioinformatician, but he is also a fantastic collaborator, who goes the extra mile to help you understand the biological significance of your data. His skills were very much behind our recent move into single cell analysis – for which he not only established the pipeline, but also trained post-docs in my lab to perform the relevant analysis. If, like us, you’re starting out in this field, or just need some advice, I would definitely advise you to talk to Grant!

Zoltan Molnar, MD DPhil

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology

University of Oxford

I have known Grant since he has been an NIH-Oxford Graduate student and closely followed his work ever since.  His contribution to brain development and evolution has been very substantial.  He is super bright and highly original and tackles some fundamental issues with elegance and with ease.  Could not recommend him on stronger terms.

About The Bioinformatics CRO

The Bioinformatics CRO is a scalable, globally distributed contract research organization and consultancy that provides high quality bioinformatics and end-to-end genomics support to academics, biotechs, and pharmaceutical companies.

Do you have a bioinformatics block? A nagging feeling that things could be going better or faster? We can help.

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