Take Us Anywhere

By eliminating physical barriers with a fully distributed business model, we are able to source top bioinformaticians from around the globe.  No need to relocate. Take take The Bioinformatics CRO with you anywhere: Barcelona, London, Berlin, Boston, Orlando. 

Excellence, Initiative, Accountability

Our network of contractors and employees strive to efficiently provide biotechnology companies worldwide with computational biology services.  We are looking for self-starters, people we can count on to get bioinformatics done right, now. The Bioinformatics CRO is changing the way that biomedical researchers access computational services.


We are expanding our valued network of highly skilled consultants, which spans all inhabitable continents and most areas of computational biology. We aim to build long-term relationships with our consultants, and hope some will eventually join us as employees. The reality of this industry is that the workload has peaks and troughs. Outstanding consultants augment our expertise and allow us to expand our capacity as needed. For bioinformaticians who already have a consulting practice or who are otherwise looking to moonlight, we have a place for you. If you have a PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, or a related field, use the button below to email a CV and a few words about the areas in which you have proven expertise, through peer reviewed publications or extensive industry experience.




Employees are the heart of our growing organization. We take autonomy, mastery, and purpose seriously. Our employees will already be masters of their craft, meaning we can trust them to do meaningful work in support of science around the world.

Everyone works remotely and we work with you to fit your work – both hours spent and how they’re distributed over the week – to your lifestyle and responsibilities beyond work. We anticipate continued growth and prefer to hire from bioinformaticians who have worked with us as consultants.