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Formulate a Question 

Your question may involve the analysis of public or proprietary datasets.  Professional computational biologists can help.



Initial Meeting 

Discuss your project with our chief scientist to see how we can help.  We work with you to develop a reasonable initial plan.





We analyze your data as agreed. Often this involves some iteration as the project proceeds and preliminary results come back. 




We ensure the accuracy of the results through the collaboration of multiple experts within the company.


We provide the level of reporting that is requested. This can range from a full report inclusive of supplementary materials and code to just a requested figure.  We can offer ongoing support through publication and more.


Pricing and Billing

Most projects are done hourly, using a tiered set of hourly rates reflecting the experience and skill level of the bioinformaticians working on your project. These rates are competitive with core facilities. This allows us to do projects efficiently, where mid career PhD bioinformaticians work with more senior bioinformaticians to ensure work is done to a high standard. In most cases compute costs are not billed separately, but depending on the project there may be exceptions to this (this would be agreed in advance). We can provide estimates where there is a clear work plan, or for more exploratory work restrict our efforts to a reasonable fixed budget.

A few standard analyses are done using a flat fee.  Some projects are hybrids, with a core standard analysis done with a flat fee and more exploratory downstream analyses done under the tiered hourly structure.

Generally hourly projects are invoiced monthly and flat fee projects are invoiced at project completion.

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