“As an early stage investor, we work with a number of emerging companies with substantial bioinformatics needs but where a full time hire in the company might be months or in some cases years in the future. The Bioinformatics CRO has been a great resource in these cases – Grant and his team are quickly able to drill into complex questions in genomics, sequence analysis, and build custom approaches to meet our needs. A big help in getting our projects off on the right foot!”

Steven Robinette

Principal, Atlas Venture

“Working with the Bioinformatics CRO got us thoughtful answers to mission critical questions quickly and seamlessly. Had we opted to build out an internal solution, we would have already spent many multiples of what we did and still be waiting on the results. I love working with the Bioinformatics CRO and sleep easy at night knowing they’re on the job. Strongest possible recommendation.”

–   Brett Abrahams, PhD  
Vice President, Magnolia Neurosciences Corporation

“The Bioinformatics CRO’s services have been vital to our small company. They provided us expertise with biostatistical analysis of our experimental data. The results have been excellent, professional, and reasonably priced. In my experience, it can be difficult to find reliable bioinformatics consultants, but The Bioinformatics CRO solves this problem for us. I would recommend using The Bioinformatics CRO, especially for small companies or labs that need access to world-class bioinformatics talent.”

–  Victor Hanson-Smith, PhD

Head of Computational Biology, Verge Genomics

“Working with The Bioinformatics CRO has been an easy, effective, and amazingly productive experience! They are extremely professional and knowledgeable across complex fields such as brain imaging and genetics, and they work with you to deliver quality results. I found this really useful, especially for short-term projects – it’s an excellent alternative to hiring a postdoc, without having to train a new person!”

Sook-Lei Liew, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Southern California 

“Done right! I didn’t notice this initially when I came across CRO. I wouldn’t understand it either. I always felt restrained when I needed state-of the art bioinformatics. I cannot employ multiple bioinformaticians. Neither can I be an expert in everything. Things have changed now. I have access to the knowledge of the best of the best! I had multiple discussions with Grant before he started the analysis on our data. I learnt a lot from him. He is a great teacher and collaborator, with high ethics in his bioinformatics hub! He won’t suggest an analysis for the sake of doing business! Only the one that was right for our data! And when it comes to complex bioinformatics analysis it should be done right!”

 Saeed Esmaili, MD, PhD

Group Leader, The Westmead Institute, University of Sydney

“Grant and I worked together on several projects analyzing bulk and single cell RNA sequencing as well as developing new bioinformatics methods. During this time I really came to appreciate the depth of his knowledge of both neuroscience and the informatics methods needed to gain insights from data that are often hard to interpret. Grant can drill into the details of the analysis or the biological interpretation while keeping the big picture in mind, a great asset in any bioinformatic analysis.”

Peter Langfelder, PhD

Assistant Researcher, UCLA

“I have known Grant since he has been an NIH-Oxford Graduate student and closely followed his work ever since.  His contribution to brain development and evolution has been very substantial.  He is super bright and highly original and tackles some fundamental issues with elegance and with ease.  Could not recommend him on stronger terms.”

Zoltan Molnar, MD DPhil

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, University of Oxford


“For us, the Bioinformatics CRO played a key role in helping Future Genetics move forward. Three key features stood out for us: (1) their ability to generate and turnaround high-quality data analysis at blisteringly fast speeds; (2) their versatility in not just grasping but rather guiding and advising us to a path of success; and finally (3) their deep insights and lateral thinking that helped us evolve our projects. We have already used their services on two key projects, and will definitely be looking to seek their specialist skills in the future”

Dr. Mohammed Kamran

CEO & Director, Future Genetics

Image of a person giving feedback

“(Grant) is a brilliant bioinformatician with a vast knowledge in genetics and neurobiology, which is a very hard combination to come across to in the field. He also has excellent communication and collaboration skills, and was a pleasure to work with.”

Burcin Ikiz, PhD

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

“Grant and I worked together in the same postdoc lab. Grant is an extremely fastidious bioinformatician, and working with him you will surely have the most updated methods rigorously applied to your bioinformatic questions.”

Jason Stein, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

“Grant is an excellent bioinformatician and a nice guy. I’ve always been impressed by his work and I would be very happy to have him on my team..”

Caleb Webber, PhD

Professor of Bioinformatics, University of Oxford

“I have known Grant Belgard for 8 years. Grant is a bright scientist and an excellent bioinformatician. He has deep understanding in genomics and computer programming, which allows him to solve a range of interdisciplinary scientific problems. Moreover, he has particular strengths in solving unstructured, complex problems in biology, such as genetic basis of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. His impressive publication records also prove his quality work in computational biology. I definitely recommend him for anyone who needs reliable, high standard bioinformatics work.”

Hyun Ji Noh, DPhil

Computational Biologist, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

“Grant is an excellent bioinformatician with a deep knowledge of neurogenomics. He is rigorous in his analyses and completely reliable in all aspects of his work. Grant is a gifted communicator and can explain complex statistical analyses to novices. It was a real pleasure collaborating with him in the past and I hope to have many more future collaborations.”

Genevieve Konopka, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

“Bioinformatics is a challenging field that requires specialist knowledge to maximize the pertinent conclusions from the data while also avoiding pitfalls that may lead to erroneous findings. Grant has deep experience in designing all manner of experiments, analyzing genomic data, and reporting results in an elegant and clear manner in high impact publications. He is a leader in bioinformatics that will piece together even the most complex of datasets, which he has proven with our work at Verge Genomics and on his varied academic pursuits.”
  Jason Chen, PhD
Co-founder, Verge Genomics



“It is my pleasure to have known Grant professionally for a decade. He has a strong grasp of genomics and does solid interdisciplinary work, bringing computational biology to bear on a wide range of scientific questions. I highly recommend him for bioinformatics contract work and consulting.”

Andreas Heger, PhD

CGAT Technical Director, University of Oxford

“Grant Belgard has been actively contributing to our projects since 2014. Not only he is a first rate bioinformatician, but he is also a fantastic collaborator, who goes the extra mile to help you understand the biological significance of your data. His skills were very much behind our recent move into single cell analysis – for which he not only established the pipeline, but also trained post-docs in my lab to perform the relevant analysis. If, like us, you’re starting out in this field, or just need some advice, I would definitely advise you to talk to Grant!”

Matthew Holt, PhD

Group Leader, VIB-KU Leuven

“Grant is an experienced bioinformatician, who is not only extremely knowledgable and thorough, but also a pleasure to work with. I would feel very confident in his analysis of complex biological datasets and would value his guidance on their interpretation.”

Flora Hinz, PhD

Senior Scientific Researcher, Genentech


“I know Grant to be highly effective at driving complex international, interdisciplinary collaborations that require innovative computational biology. His excellent technical and communication skills allow him to build bridges between computational biologists and bench scientists. We have worked together off-and-on for 10 years, since 2008, and I heartily recommend him to others looking to make sense of their complex biological data.”

Chris Ponting, DPhil

Chair of Biomedical Informatics, MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh

“I had the good fortune to work with Marton for several years on several projects. He has a rare ability to design complex, highly effective and efficient code that delivers exactly what is needed. Even rarer is his ability to communicate effortlessly with everyone; coders, scientists and clinicians. He takes the time to understand what is needed and then makes it happen, usually giving you solutions beyond your dreams. And his work is always comprehensively detailed and his software is always a delight to use. Marton’s contributions to our disease gene discovery and translation projects were vital to our successes.”

–  Nazneen Rahman, MD PhD

Professor of Human Genetics, Institute of Cancer Research, London

“I have had the opportunity to work with Grant in both academic and consulting activities since 2011. He is a stimulating colleague and dependable co-worker. He has a broad scientific background that enables him to approach complex problems from first principles in a rigorous manner. His deep understanding of statistics allows him to make solid inferences and identify the wheat from the chaff. Most importantly, he adheres to deadlines and is able to provide solid deliverables. I look forward to working with Grant again.”

Neelroop Parikshak, MD PhD

UCSF Department of Neurology