We provide a variety of genomics services, ranging from transcriptomics (bulk, single cell, full length, digital gene expression, and much more), epigenomics, and exome and whole genome sequencing to population and statistical genetics. We have a strong core team supported by an extensive network of consultants whose expertise spans computational biology.  We customize our offerings to your needs, which can include support for publication and revisions and more!

Global Core Facility

We provide computational services to academic and government institutions around the world.

Startup Support

We offer expert, on-demand bioinformatics services to companies of any size.

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Preclinical Discovery

We support the bioinformatic needs of biopharma companies. 

Featured Services


  • RNA-seq & Microarrays

  • Population & Statistical Genetics

  • GWAS & Genetic Overlap

  • Drug Target Diligence


  • ChIP-seq & ATAC-seq

  • WGBS

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

… and much more

What to Expect

After meeting with an expert bioinformatician to determine the needs of your project, we assemble a team with expertise in the analysis you need to achieve the best results possible.  These world-class bioinformaticians comprehensively analyze your data and review it to ensure the accuracy of our results.  You are then provided with a full report that includes code and supplementary figures.


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Our World-Class Bioinformaticians

“I have known Grant since he has been an NIH-Oxford Graduate student and closely followed his work ever since.  His contribution to brain development and evolution has been very substantial.  He is super bright and highly original and tackles some fundamental issues with elegance and with ease.  Could not recommend him on stronger terms.”

– Zoltan Molnar, MD DPhil

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, University of Oxford

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