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  • States Ranked by Age-Adjusted COVID Deaths - States Ranked by Age-Adjusted COVID Deaths Data table updated on November 24, 2021 In the time of COVID, the average American citizen is inundated with statistics regarding deaths, cases, and vaccine uptake from a variety of sources. Frequently media outlets will cherry pick data that appear to support their opinions on public health policy. As […]
  • Is Biology Still a Wet Lab Science? - Is Biology Still a Wet Lab Science? One of my friends recently published a research paper in one of the world’s most influential science journals, Science. [1] The paper is a significant milestone in our understanding of the neural crest, a strange group of cells in the vertebrate embryo with an unusual ability to mature […]
  • H-index Distributions in Biology by University and Academic Rank - H-Index Distributions in Biology The h-index is a widely accepted metric of research productivity and scientific impact, developed by Jorge E Hirsch in 2005. It is commonly referenced in hiring and promotion decisions, taking into account the number of publications that an author has and the number of citations each paper received. The controversies surrounding […]
  • Welcome to Our New Senior Bioinformatician Dr. Márton Münz! - Márton Münz, PhD Márton Münz is a born creator, a lover of reading, writing, and problem solving. When he got his first computer as a child, he didn’t sit around and play video games like many of his friends.  Instead, he taught himself how to code, writing text based games like poker. His father, a […]